Federazione Autonoma Bancari Italiani

International Relations

  • Impact of banking regulation on employmentEuropean Commission-funded report presented for the first time at the European Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee in Banking, analyses data that show since the 2007-2008 financial crisis. The study calculated a drop of 444,200 employees in the EU.
  • Finance Watch: Parliament compromises on bank safetyThe ECON Committee of the European Parliament adopted a compromise on the Banking Package that contains moves to deregulation
  • UNI Global Union - World Congress 2018Uni Global Union World Congress starts in Liverpool from June 17Th to June 20Th - LIVE STREAMING from Fabi-International website
  • Finance Watch: Making finance serve allEuropean Financial Inclusion Network members join Finance Watch
  • UNI Europa Newsletter - May 2018Key News from UNI Europa
  • Digitalization of the Economy and impact on labour market UNI Europa’s plan to harness the impact of digitalisation in the services industry unveiled in high-level conference
  • Finance Watch publishes Annual Report 2017The 2017 Report describes Finance Watch activities and plans to promote the public interest in financial reform in Europe
  •  UNI Europa: the reality of Belgian bank KBC in the Czech RepublicKBC employees in the Czech Republic call on KBC to reaffirm its commitment to collective bargaining,
  • Sustainable Finance: EU becomes a global leader, but trillions unlikely to shiftFinance Watch welcomes the publication of the European Commission’s Action Plan Financing Sustainable Growth
  • XXI FABI NATIONAL CONGRESSFABI, the most important Trade Union in the banking sector in Italy, celebrated in Rome his XXI National Congress from march 5th to march 9th
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