Federazione Autonoma Bancari Italiani

International Relations

  • Digitalisation in the services industry The final project Conference on the challenges of digitalisation in the services industry took place Warsaw
  • Milestone moment as banking sector signs joint declaration on digitalisationUNI Europa Finance, together with the banking sector employers, signed a joint European social partner declaration on the impact of digitalisation on employment in the sector
  • UNI Med Finance General Conference 2018 UNI Med Finance General conference Lisbon (PT) from November 19th to November 20th
  • Solidarity with our brothers and sisters from BBVA in Paraguay FABI express his concerns for the non-recognition of the Workers Union of BBVA Paraguay as a Trade Union organization
  • Global Agreement between BNP Paribas and UNI Global Union BNP Paribas and UNI Global Union have signed a Global Agreement that promises paid parental leave, health and life insurance, the ability to join a labour union, stringent anti-harassment enforcement, and other key rights.for the 200.000 employees
  • Ten Years After: Report and Global Day of Action against Business as UsualFinance Watch published a comprehensive assessment of post-crisis financial regulation in Europe
  • Impact of banking regulation on employmentEuropean Commission-funded report presented for the first time at the European Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee in Banking, analyses data that show since the 2007-2008 financial crisis. The study calculated a drop of 444,200 employees in the EU.
  • Finance Watch: Parliament compromises on bank safetyThe ECON Committee of the European Parliament adopted a compromise on the Banking Package that contains moves to deregulation
  • UNI Global Union - World Congress 2018Uni Global Union World Congress starts in Liverpool from June 17Th to June 20Th - LIVE STREAMING from Fabi-International website
  • Finance Watch: Making finance serve allEuropean Financial Inclusion Network members join Finance Watch
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