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International Relations

  • Statement of the Select Committee - UniCredit European Works CouncilBloomberg News, on Monday 22nd of July, revealed that UniCredit is weighing thousands of job cuts within the new industrial plan
  • Dealing with exploitative consumer credit Finance Watch, the public interest NGO, released a new research paper on consumer credit and its contribution to over-indebtedness
  • UNI Med Finance 2019 General ConferenceUNI Med Finance held its 2019 meeting and General Conference from 10th to 11th June in Rhodes (Greece)
  • Deeper financial reforms need more popular support Finance Watch, released its Annual Report 2018. It describes how the organisation has succeeded during the last year in broadening its civil society network to gain more and more support for its demands for more fundamental reforms
  • UNI Med Finance 2019 meeting -  Rhodes The 2019 UNI Med Finance, General Conference and steering Board meeting will be held in Rhodes (GR) from June 10th to June 11th
  • UNI Med Finance and NFU (Nordic Finance Union) met in Rome for the first timeAn historical meeting has taken place in Rome on February 19th: for the first time the Financial Unions from the Mediterranean Area met with the Nordic Financial Unions
  • UNI Europa  Newsletter -  Financial Sector in EuropeThe monthly newsletter from UNI Europa is focused on the Financial Sector in Europe
  • Société Générale renews global agreement with UNI Global UnionUNI Global Union and Société Générale renewed their global agreement at a ceremony in Paris
  • UNICREDIT: GLOBAL AGREEMENT  ON LABOUR RIGHTS SIGNED BY TRADE UNIONS UniCredit signs global agreement ensuring labour rights, discrimination-free workplaces, and responsible sales practices for its 147,000 employees worldwide
  • Digitalisation in the services industry The final project Conference on the challenges of digitalisation in the services industry took place Warsaw
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