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International Relations

Statement of the Select Committee - UniCredit European Works Council
Bloomberg News, on Monday 22nd of July, revealed that UniCredit is weighing thousands of job cuts within the new industrial plan
UNI Med Finance and NFU (Nordic Finance Union) met in Rome for the first time
An historical meeting has taken place in Rome on February 19th: for the first time the Financial Unions from the Mediterranean Area met with the Nordic Financial Unions
UNI Europa Newsletter - Financial Sector in Europe
The monthly newsletter from UNI Europa is focused on the Financial Sector in Europe
Solidarity with our brothers and sisters from BBVA in Paraguay
FABI express his concerns for the non-recognition of the Workers Union of BBVA Paraguay as a Trade Union organization
Global Agreement between BNP Paribas and UNI Global Union
BNP Paribas and UNI Global Union have signed a Global Agreement that promises paid parental leave, health and life insurance, the ability to join a labour union, stringent anti-harassment enforcement, and other key rights.for the 200.000 employees
Impact of banking regulation on employment
European Commission-funded report presented for the first time at the European Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee in Banking, analyses data that show since the 2007-2008 financial crisis. The study calculated a drop of 444,200 employees in the EU.
Finance Watch: Parliament compromises on bank safety
The ECON Committee of the European Parliament adopted a compromise on the Banking Package that contains moves to deregulation
UNI Global Union - World Congress 2018
Uni Global Union World Congress starts in Liverpool from June 17Th to June 20Th - LIVE STREAMING from Fabi-International website
Finance Watch: Making finance serve all
European Financial Inclusion Network members join Finance Watch
UNI Europa Newsletter - May 2018
Key News from UNI Europa