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Dealing with exploitative consumer credit
Finance Watch, the public interest NGO, released a new research paper on consumer credit and its contribution to over-indebtedness
Deeper financial reforms need more popular support
Finance Watch, released its Annual Report 2018. It describes how the organisation has succeeded during the last year in broadening its civil society network to gain more and more support for its demands for more fundamental reforms
Ten Years After: Report and Global Day of Action against Business as Usual
Finance Watch published a comprehensive assessment of post-crisis financial regulation in Europe
Finance Watch and BETTER FINANCE comment on Corporate Bond report by EC Expert Group
Finance Watch and BETTER FINANCE published their comments on last Monday’s final report by the European Commission’s Expert Group on Corporate Bonds
Finance Watch : Too-big-to-regulate
A new statement released by Finance Watch about the "EU’s bank structural reform proposal" - BSR
Finance Watch - Press Release on the Retail Financial Services Action Plan
EU Banking Reform: The worrying "sotto voce" of the European Commission
Fabi International meets with Finance Watch in Bruxelles
The International Department of FABI, on september 29, met with a Finance Watch representative in Bruxelles
Flaws in regime for dealing with failing banks put EU economy at risk
The EU’s economy is at risk because of flaws and gaps in the EU’s bank resolution and recovery framework, said speakers including Sir Paul Tucker and Avinash D. Persaud at Finance Watch’s conference in Brussels
Bank structural reform (BSR)
Since the financial crisis started in 2008, European and national level initiatives have been presented to reform the structure of banks, including the possible separation of deposit-taking from trading activities.
UNI Europa, ÖGB and GPA-djp issue declaration on D
A declaration supported by MEPs Evelyn Regner and Jutta Steinruck will be issued at a public panel debate this evening. It addresses the lack of a meaningful social dimension in the European Commission’s Digital Single Market Package – without...