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Unicredit Selected Committee Meeting
On February 29th, the Select Committee has held an internal meeting in order to organize the work of the third mandate of the Unicredit European Works Council (EWC)
Solidarity with Bank Workers in Argentina
FABI, the biggest Trade Union in the Financial Sector in Italy, sent a letter to the new President of Argentina asking respect for banking workers from Banco Central de la República Argentina, and other bank employees in the Buenos Aires Province.
Barclays workers on strike against closing of italian branches
A video (italian) by National Broadcaster RAI on TG3 Lobardia, about the strike
third Steering Committee of the Project To.Be.E.Ewc
The third Steering Committee of the Project To.Be.E.Ewc took place in Brussels, Hosted by Uni Europa, on February 16 and 17. It was devoted to deepening the themes of the European Work Councils (EWC).
Barclays workers on strike against closing of italian branches
A day of strike scheduled for march 4th has been declared, as Barclays position on layoffs are still unchanged
Adaption, Mitigation, Just Transition: Responding to the 4th Industrial Revolution
UNI GLOBAL UNION Secretary General PHILIP JENNINGS spoke in Davos (CH) releasing tens of interviews about the jobs threat due to the speed of the 4th industrial revolution
Barclays quits from Italian banking market
Trade Unions against Barclays, that on January 18th made the annuncement, without caring for the destiny of 1,000 workers and their families
The Unicredit’s Trade Union Alliance and the Unicredit’s EWC STATEMENT
Unicredit’s Trade Union Alliance and Unicredit's EWC, released a Statement about the Unicredit Strategic Plan and the announced major headcount reductions
Bank structural reform (BSR)
Since the financial crisis started in 2008, European and national level initiatives have been presented to reform the structure of banks, including the possible separation of deposit-taking from trading activities.
UNI Finance World Congress in Antalya (Turkey)
Hundreds of leaders of finance unions attending the UNI Finance Global Union Conference in Antalya, warned that the industry must break its bad habits once and for all.
Latest Documents
All the documents related to the agreement between BNP Paribas Banking Group, UNI Finance and the Group EWC
6th European Working Conditions Survey
Eurofound (2016), Sixth European Working Conditions Survey – Overview report, Publications Office of the European Union, Luxembourg.
The Future of Work in the ‘Sharing Economy’
A report by the Joint Research Centre, the European Commission’s inhouse science service
Long term unemployment
A study by Bertelsmann Stiftung based on Eurostat data, about the long term unemployment in the European Union
European Union publications on Job Market
Regulation of labour market in EU - intermediaries and the role of social partners in preventing trafficking of labour
ECB Monetary Policy
A comprehensive Study released in may 2016 by IMK Macroeconomic Policy Institute
Skills for a changing World
A Study on new technologies carried out by the "Center for Universal Education" University of Brookings
Finance Watch, annual Report 2015
Finance Watch is an European, not-for-profit association of civil society Members, dedicated to making finance work for the good of society.
Inequality and the New Deal
A study about the Great Depression and the factors influencing economic recovery in the 1930s, especially the New Deal
Unicredit: Welfare & Marketing Policies protocol signed
On April 22nd, 2016, after long, complex and contrivers negotiations, in Unicredit S.p.A. the “Protocol on Welfare in the Workplace and Marketing Policies” has been signed.